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3 Must-Have Bedding Sets For Your Bedroom

Aug 11, 2023 | Company News, News

Your bedding set includes your mattress pad, sheets, comforter and pillowcases. These linens work together to make your bed both functional and stylish. Here are three of the most popular bedding sets you should consider for your own bedroom.

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Korean Style Bedding Set

The popularity of Korean skincare and K-pop has extended to Korean-inspired home decor including bedding. A Korean bedding set features simple lines and neutral colors with an emphasis on natural materials like linen and cotton. Characteristics of Korean bedding include:

  • Modern geometric patterns: Geometric patterns like stripes, grids and triangles are common on Korean bed linens. Look for subtle linear and chevron patterns in tones of gray, navy and white.
  • Minimalism: Korean bedding favors simplicity with plain white sheets and pillowcases that allow an accent blanket or throw to stand out. Bright colors are used sparingly and in a restrained way.
  • Natural fibers: Linen and percale cotton are favorite materials for Korean bedding due to their breathability and ability to regulate temperature. These natural fibers are preferred over synthetic materials.
  • Understated elegance: Korean design prizes clean lines, subtle textures and organic shapes that create a simple yet elegant and serene environment for sleep. Accent pillows and comforters with geometric details add visual interest.

Consider pairing: A Korean-style bedding set looks fresh and modern when paired with white washed wood furniture, rattan storage baskets and metal or glass bedside tables. White sheer curtains and minimalist artwork featuring clean lines and shapes complete the laidback, minimalist aesthetic.

Constellation Bedding Set

A bedding set featuring star or constellation patterns has an otherworldly magical vibe that promotes rest and relaxation. Key aspects of constellation bedding include:

  • Cosmic comforter: The focus of the set is an oversized comforter patterned with moons, stars and constellations in shades of indigo, navy and midnight blue on a black background. Choose cotton or microfiber fill for year-round comfort and durability.
  • Coordinating sheets: Matching percale or sateen sheets and pillowcases in coordinating shades of blue help ground the celestial comforter and pull the bedding set together.
  • Accent pillows: Embroidered throw pillows shaped like crescent moons, stars and planets add concentrated doses of the starry motif to the foot of the bed.
  • Bed skirts: A bed skirt in a complementary shade helps hide the box spring and frame while visually extending the comforter’s starry pattern to the floor.
  • Pair with: Constellation bedding looks most at home in bedrooms with light wood furniture and white trim that allow the navy and indigo hues to pop. Bring the night sky vibe to life with string light “stars” above the bed and photos of the Milky Way or astronomical phenomena on the walls. Sheer curtains edged in navy complete the cosmic theme.

Bedding Set With Comforter

A high quality comforter is the centerpiece of any bedding set that includes sheets, pillowcases and dust ruffle. Choosing the perfect comforter starts with determining your preferred material, pattern and level of warmth.

  • Material: Down, down alternative, microfiber and cotton comforters provide varying degrees of insulation, breathability and conforming to your body’s shape while you sleep.
  • Fill power: Higher fill power refers to larger and fluffier down clusters that provide more insulation and loft. Down comforters range between 500 to 900+ fill power.
  • Weight: Lightweight comforters offer less insulation while heavyweight covers offer more warmth, usually greater than 20 ounces.
  • Pattern: Solid color, stripe, patchwork and print comforters allow you to match or add visual interest to your bedding set.
  • Pair with: Once you’ve chosen your perfect comforter, match the rest of your bedding set in a coordinating pattern or contrasting print. Pile high with solid color or patterned accent pillows and a textured throw for layers of visual interest and comfort. Round out the set by hanging a customized wall tapestry or macrame piece over the bed to blend textures.