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Adding Cozy Style with On-Trend Throw Blankets

Aug 29, 2023 | Company News, News

There’s nothing better on a chilly night than curling up with a warm, soft throw blanket. These cozy blankets aren’t just functional for providing an extra layer of warmth. They also make a stylish addition to any living room or bedroom décor. This season, three of the hottest throw blanket trends are dark purple, grey knit, and black cotton styles.

throw blanket

Dark Purple Throw Blankets

Rich, jewel-toned purple is having a major moment right now in home furnishings from pillows to rugs and beyond. It makes sense that deep purple throw blankets are surging in popularity this year. The regal color brings a sense of luxury and drama to any space. Pair a dark purple throw with your grey sofa or sectional to create an elegant, cohesive look.

Dark purple throws also go beautifully with black accents and white walls or bedding. The color contrasts nicely to add vivid pops of color. But it doesn’t overwhelm like brighter primary shades. For a whimsical farmhouse vibe, drape a dark purple knitted throw over a distressed wood chair. The color updates a vintage piece to give it modern flair.

From plush chenille to fuzzy faux fur, dark purple throw blankets have expansive styling versatility. The saturated shade is right on trend, while still subtle enough for a calming atmosphere.

Cozy Grey Knit Throws

For a blanket with timeless, cozy appeal, you can’t go wrong with grey. Grey nicely complements both warm and cool color schemes in home décor. It brings a comfortable, relaxed vibe to bedrooms, living areas, or draped on the back of a sofa. Grey knit throw blankets in heathered grey tones are specially on-trend this season.

The soft, textured look and feel of knit grey throws makes them extra inviting. The neutral grey shade allows switching up accent pillows and other accessories to easily refresh a room’s look. For rustic or farmhouse spaces, a chunky knit grey throw looks right at home. Try layering it over a white quilt on the bed for extra warmth.

To make grey knit throws feel more modern, pair them with brightly colored furniture and metallic accessories like silver candle holders. The throws provide a cozy foundation while bolder pieces make the style pop.

Black and White Cotton Throw Blankets

For those desiring throw blankets with timeless versatility, black and white is the ultimate color combination. Classic black cotton throw blanket work in literally any home decor environment. The high-contrast look is inherently eye catching.

Black and white throws allow pivoting your room’s overall color and style without clashing. Try a black and white buffalo check throw blanket draped on a sofa to complement a red, green, or blue accent wall. The patterns interplay beautifully. Or snuggle under a black and white throw on the couch regardless of what movie you’re watching.

The style possibilities are endless with the classic black and white palette. Choose throws in soft cotton for ultra comfort and durability. Make lounging endlessly cozy with layers of pillows and a plush black and white blanket. The clean black and white aesthetic provides a flexible base to build your ideal relaxation space.

All of these on-trend throw blanket styles in dark purple, grey knit, and black with white provide effortless ways to elevate your home décor. Update bedding, sofas, chairs and more with the cozy throw blankets that best match your personal taste and decorating vision. Just add blankets and immediately make any room more stylish, comfortable, and inviting.