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Choosing The Perfect Bedding Set To Refresh Your Bedroom

Aug 16, 2023 | Company News, News

Is it time to replace your worn, outdated bedding with a fresh new set? Finding the right bedding set can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. With so many colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, where do you start? In this blog, we’ll cover some tips for selecting the best bedding set for your style and bedroom size, from cozy flannels to luxurious sateens. We’ll also look at popular options like purple, twin XL, and grey bedding sets. Read on for advice on choosing bedding that reflects your personal tastes.

4-piece bedding set

Colors & Patterns

One of the most fun parts of choosing new bedding is picking the colors and patterns that appeal most to your personality and complement your decor. Neutral solids like white, beige, and grey bedding sets create a clean, classic look easy to dress up with accent pillows and throws. Soft pastels like lilac, mint, and peach give a relaxed, cheerful vibe. Earth tones like browns, tans, and greens bring nature indoors. And bold, saturated hues like crimson, cobalt, or violet make an eye-catching style statement.

Beyond solids, printed bedding offers charming designs. Floral, patchwork, and paisley patterns look fresh and lively. Classic stripes, damask, and plaid prints add casual sophistication. Watercolor, ikat, and medallion motifs give global inspiration. There are so many ways to reflect your tastes through the colors and prints you choose. Don’t be afraid to go bold or keep it simple. Follow your instincts on what feels uniquely you.

Consider a Soothing Purple Bedding Set

Specifically, purple bedding sets are a wonderful choice to create a tranquil vibe in your sleep space. The color purple evokes nostalgia, imagination, and luxury. Pale lilac or lavender purple sets give a sweet, romantic feel. Deeper tones like eggplant and wine purple seem elegant and regal. Pastel purple looks gorgeous accented with crisp white sheets. Richer plums and violets pair well with grey linen. The soothing qualities of purple help instill relaxation and serenity so you sleep soundly.

Twin XL Bedding for Dorms or Guest Rooms

For outfitting dorm rooms or accommodating overnight guests, a versatile twin XL bedding set is great to have on hand. These sets include a twin XL comforter, sheet set, pillowcases, and pillows for standard college extra-long twin beds. Bold, colorful sets with reversible comforters maximize choices for frequent dorm room makeovers. More subdued tones work well in guest bedrooms. And performance fabrics like jersey sheets, cooling comforters, and antimicrobial pillows stand up to frequent use. Stock up on a couple stylish, durable twin XL bedding sets for the students, kids, or guests in your life.

Cozy Flannel and All-Season Bedding

As you choose a new bedding set, consider the fabrics that best suit your climate and sleeping preferences. Lightweight cottons and breathable linens help keep you cool in the summer. Meanwhile, flannel bedding provides comforting warmth for chillier months. Look for soft brushed cotton flannels and flannels with fun buffalo check or plaid prints. For year-round bedding, look for midweight options like cotton/polyester blends that offer durability, temperature regulation, and moisture wicking. Depending on your needs, look for bedding materials suited for all seasons or your particular regional weather.

High Quality Materials for Luxury & Longevity

Don’t forget about thread count, weave quality, and durability when comparing bedding sets. Higher thread counts, between 200-500, result in stronger, more luxurious sheets. Opt for long staple cotton, bamboo, Tencel, and linen for softness and longevity. With comforters, a baffle-box design keeps filling evenly distributed. And alternative down fills like PrimaLoft provide warmth without allergens. Choosing high quality materials means your bedding will feel cozy and last longer.

The Right Bedding Takes Your Bedroom To The Next Level

Hopefully these tips give you confidence in choosing the perfect bedding set to bring comfort and style to your bedroom. Decide which colors suit your taste and what size bed you need to outfit. Look for quality materials that provide both indulgence now and durability long-term. And don’t forget the finishing accents like throw blankets and decorative pillows that complete the look. With the right bedding set, your cozy sanctuary awaits. Sweet dreams!