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Have You Considered Sanded Fabric Bedding Sets?

Jul 12, 2023 | News

What is a sanded fabric?

Sanded fabric is a premium type of combed cotton that boasts a distinctive style achieved through a meticulous dyeing and finishing process, followed by exquisite sanding. It offers exceptional warmth and comfort, making it a perfect choice for autumn and winter wear.

This fabric’s allure lies in its softness, comfort, plush texture, excellent drape, ease of care, and rich suede finish. When worn, it provides a snug, warm, and comfortable feeling that is hard to resist. Additionally, the color of sanded fabric stays vibrant and new-looking for an extended period, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Sanded Fabric Bedding Sets

Sanded bedding stands out from ordinary cotton fabrics due to its exceptional technology, which provides superior benefits such as resistance to fading and pilling. Moreover, its weight is significantly denser than that of regular cotton materials, offering a luxurious and plush feel that is hard to resist. The fabric is both thick and soft, making it highly appealing to the touch. Additionally, the colors of the sanded bedding are vivid and long-lasting, thanks to the use of reactive printing and dyeing techniques that prevent fading and pilling.

Sanded Fabric Bedding Sets

There is a common misconception among people that sanded fabric is the same as pure cotton, but this is incorrect. Sanded refers to a post-treatment process where the fabric is subjected to a sanding machine that uses emery skin to create a layer of short fluff on the surface of the cloth. It is important to note that sanded is not a type of fabric in itself, but rather a finishing process applied to various types of fabrics.

So what are the characteristics of sanded fabric?

  1. The fabric is both soft and thick, with a texture that only improves over time due to frequent use and rubbing.
  2. Thanks to a special sanding technique, the fabric is highly resistant to pilling, eliminating the friction that often occurs during the manufacturing and washing processes. This innovative approach has resulted in a new and unique variety of fabric.
  3. The fabric is remarkably authentic in appearance and texture. A polyurethane emulsion is added to the fabric, followed by an additional round of sanding, resulting in a surface that closely resembles artificial leather with a convincing simulated effect.

High-quality sanded fabric bedding sets featuring

So if you want to upgrade your sleep experience with a “luxury for less” option, consider investing in high-quality sanded fabric bedding sets featuring:

  1. 100% combed cotton or blended modal-cotton sateen weave for durability, softness and breathability.
  2. A medium level of texturing that balances comfort, breathability and longevity of the fabric.
  3. Deep pockets and elasticized fitted sheets for a secure fit over mattresses up to 18 inches thick.
  4. Thread counts ranging from 220 to 300 depending on the budget – higher thread counts mean softer, more durable sanded fabric.