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Makeover Your Child’s Bedroom with Fun, Stylish Bedding

Aug 9, 2023 | Company News, News, Trade News

Does your kid’s bedroom need a refresh? One of the easiest ways to update any bedroom is with new, eye-catching bedding. From modern geometric prints to sports themes, bedding is available today in so many fun and stylish designs. If you have a school-aged child, consider surprising them with new bed linens featuring their current interests and hobbies. Keep reading for tips on choosing cool bedding sets kids will love.

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Capitalize On Cute Animal Prints

Animals are perennial favorites among children. Zoo animals like giraffes, tigers, and pandas make for adorable bedding prints. Llama bedding set have become particularly trendy right now. Their fluffy fur, doe eyes, and quirky expressions are irresistibly cute. Llama bedding is a fun way to brighten up any child’s room. Look for duvet covers or comforters displaying friendly llamas in vibrant colors and scenic backgrounds.

Llama prints appeal to both girls and boys. Pair llama bedding with coordinating shams, sheets, and throw pillows. Many sets include a duvet cover, fitted sheet, and one or two standard pillowcases. Mixing and matching allows for more creativity. For example, white or neutral sheets look crisp with a colorful llama duvet cover. Add accent pillows with llama faces or scenic prints. Llama bedding provides a playful foundation for any kid’s bedroom.

Embrace Geometric Style

For children with a trendy, modern aesthetic, geometric bedding offers loads of style. Geometric prints showcase shapes like lines, circles, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, and chevrons. These angular patterns create eye-catching optical illusions. Geometric bedding comes in bold designs and color combinations like black and white or bright primary shades.

Pair graphic geometric duvet covers with solid sheets and patterned shams or pillowcases to let the print pop as the focal point. Black and white geometric bedding allows for infusing more color through decorative pillows and wall art. Modern geometric designs work nicely in a minimalist or Scandinavian style room. The structured prints and motifs have a sense of sophistication while still feeling playful and youthful. Geometric bedding sets lend visual interest and contemporary flair to a kid’s sleeping space.

Highlight Favorite Sports

For sports fanatics, bedding featuring favorite athletic activities and teams personalizes their space. Basketball bedding set is a slam dunk for young hoops enthusiasts. Look for bed sets with a lively basketball print featuring balls, hoops, and players in action. The sporty graphics will get kids excited to hit the court or watch the big game.

To complete the room’s basketball theme, hang wall pennants, posters, or decals of beloved teams like the Lakers, Warriors or Bulls. Jersey sheet sets include tops to tuck under the mattress printed like authentic team uniforms. For girls that love basketball, many bedding companies offer stylish designs made especially for female fans. ESPN and NBA brands offer bedding with basketball themes approved by the leagues. Any basketball lover is sure to score major style points with sporty new bed linens.

From cute llamas to modern geometric shapes, exciting new bedding can makeover a child’s bedroom. When selecting youth bedding, opt for bright colors, playful patterns, and fun themes they’re passionate about. Quality bedding mixes style and comfort so kids truly enjoy spending time in their personalized sleep space.