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The difference between a bed cover and a sheet

May 22, 2023 | News

1. The appearance is different. The technology of the bed cover will be more complicated than that of the bed sheet, and the bed sheet is just a simple piece of fabric, while the bed cover is a layer of fabric pasted on three sides, which looks more beautiful.
2,.The role is different. The bed cover is generally decorative and dustproof, so it requires high patterns and textures, and needs to look more beautiful. At night, the bed cover needs to be removed. The bed sheet is different, the main purpose is to make people sleep more comfortable, and it needs to be spread on the bed when sleeping at night

  1. Different materials. The purpose of laying sheets is to make people more comfortable when they sleep, so they will choose materials that are more skin-friendly, such as some cotton or silk. The bed cover is different. No matter what kind of material is used, it can be made into a bed cover, as long as it is dustproof.
  2. Different sizes. Generally speaking, the bed cover is larger than the bed sheet. On the basis of the bed sheet, the bed cover usually needs to be pasted with a layer of fabric on three drooping sides and hung with decorative lines, so that it looks more beautiful. The size of the bed sheet is relatively small, and it is only made of a rectangular piece of cloth without any sewing.