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The Perfect Cozy Blanket For Your Home Use

Aug 14, 2023 | Company News, News

Who doesn’t love cuddling up with a warm, cozy blanket on a cold winter day? Blankets are such a simple way to make any room in your home feel more inviting and comfortable. But with so many different materials, colors, and styles of blankets out there, how do you choose the perfect cozy blanket for your needs? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the key factors to consider when shopping for a cozy, woven blanket you’ll love wrapping yourself up in.


Material Matters

One of the most important decisions to make is what material you want your cozy blanket to be made of. Common blanket materials include cotton, wool, polyester fleece, and cashmere. Cotton blankets tend to be lightweight, breathable, and have a smooth soft texture. 100% cotton woven blankets can provide warmth without being too bulky. Wool blankets are known for being exceptionally warm and insulating, yet lightweight enough for year-round use. The natural fibers insulate even when wet. Fleece polyester blankets are soft, plush, and synthetic. They provide great warmth for their lightweight feel. And cashmere blankets are ultra soft and luxurious, though pricier. Consider which fabric sounds most appealing for the type of cozy blanket you envision.

Weave and Weight

For woven blankets, the weave and weight also affect the look and feel. Tighter weaves, like in quilts and velvet blankets, have a smoother finish and drape nicely over furniture. Looser crochet and knit blankets have an open, airy feel and plush texture. In terms of weight, lighter blankets around 2-3 lbs are perfect for layering on sofas or beds. Heavier 5-6 lb blankets provide more warmth for curling up on chilly nights. Evaluate your own preferences between a tightly woven or loose knit style, and light versus heavy weighted blanket.

Choose Cozy Colors

The colors and patterns you select for your cozy blanket can create just the right ambiance for any season or room. For a fresh, lively look try bright solids or bold geometric patterns. Earthy, neutral colors like cream, tan, or light brown give a natural, cozy vibe perfect for any room. Greys and blues make great versatile choices year-round. And don’t overlook classic plaid or buffalo check blankets for a timeless, rustic feel. Besides solids and standard prints, you can also find blankets woven with beautiful scenes like landscapes, flowers, or animals that become a decor focal point. Pick colors and patterns evoking the mood you want.

Consider a Green Throw Blanket

One especially cozy and calming color for a throw blanket is natural green. Deep forest, sage, lime, or teal green hues feel earthy, renewing, and peaceful. A woven cotton or knit blanket in these lush green tones makes a refreshing accent in any bedroom or living room. Drape one across a chair or sofa for a pop of color. For a boho or eclectic vibe, layer green blankets at the foot of the bed over neutral sheets. Or neatly fold one at the end of the couch as a handy extra throw. Try a reversible green blanket with a solid front and patterned back to switch up the look. The versatile nature of green makes it a lovely color choice.

Shop Quality Materials

To ensure you get the most comfort and longevity from your cozy blanket, shop with quality and care in mind. Look for sustainably sourced fibers like organic cotton, recycled polyester fleece, or ethically raised wool. These not only feel softer, but are better for the environment. Blankets made from natural material blends – like cotton/linen, cotton/wool, or wool/alpaca – help regulate temperature and increase durability over single material blankets. Check that any synthetic blankets are OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful chemicals. And lastly, read reviews to find blankets that won’t pill, fray, or thin out after washing. A well-made blanket will feel cozier and last you many years.

Find Your Perfect Cozy Blanket Fit

There are so many factors that go into choosing the ideal cozy, woven blanket – from fabric, color, and quality to weave, weight, and feel. Take some time to consider what qualities matter most to you in finding that perfect blanket to snuggle up with. Browse online or in stores and feel blankets in person when possible. Picture it draped on your sofa or bed and how the color scheme complements your existing decor. Find a blanket that combines both visual appeal and unbelievable softness. However you envision your ideal cozy blanket, find one that brings you joy whenever you wrap yourself in its warm, welcoming embrace.