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Towel Sets, Washcloths, and Unbleached Cotton Towels

Sep 8, 2023 | Company News, News

From luxurious spa amenities to basic household goods, towels are multi-purpose linens available in a range of materials, sizes, colors and styles. Here’s an overview of some core towel varieties.

towel Set Of 2

Most commonly sold as pairs, these coordinate bath sheets and hand towels in coordinating or contrasting colors, patterns or monochromes. Sets provide guests or family members matching ensembles while using half the storage space of separates. Premium pima or Egyptian cotton sets impart upscale ambiance in hotels, resorts and high-end homes.

White Washcloths

Basic stacks of white washcloths in bulk serve hotels, gyms and shared washing facilities where frequent laundering maintains sanitization between uses. Made from dense yet ultra-soft cotton loops or jersey, they gently exfoliate without abrasion and maintain brightness through bleach cycles. Sold in bulk by the dozen or case, washcloths keep costs low for commercial applications.

Unbleached Cotton Towels

Unprocessed cotton retains its natural off-white or cream hue before chemical bleaching. This unrefined pure material softens more after each wash lending itself well to frequent laundering. Unbleached cotton towels exhibit a relaxed aesthetic suited to rustic cabins, cottages or beach homes where an imperfect worn-in appearance complements casual surroundings. Their absorbency and quality cotton improve over time.

Features and Fabrics

Terry or looped-pile fabrics excel at absorption while plush knits or waffle weaves feel spa-worthy. Generous bath sheet sizes suit covering large bodies compared to hand towels. Cotton, linen, modal and other natural fibers breathe best maintaining freshness between uses.Towels may feature hemmed, knotted or embroidered trims denoting higher quality.

Sourcing Responsibly

Consider factors like local manufacturing, fair trade certification, recycled polyester blends and bleach-free processing when choosing towels. Large commercial and hospitality brands increasingly focus on sustainable raw materials and production through reduced water/energy usage and zero discharge dyeing practices. Forward-thinking companies assist artisan partners worldwide.

In conclusion, towels exist in myriad styles appropriate for any decor or purpose from budget-conscious households to sustainability-minded resorts. Contemplating fabric types, features and sourcing impacts supports purchasing responsibly.