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Upgrading Your Bedroom With Super soft Bedding Set

Aug 9, 2023 | News, Trade News

There’s nothing better than crawling into a soft, comfortable bed at the end of a long day. Your bedding plays a big role in just how cozy and inviting your bed feels. If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your sleep experience, it may be time to invest in some high-quality, luxurious bedding. Keep reading for tips on choosing super soft, white cotton bedding sets to create a relaxing oasis in your bedroom.

luxury king bedding set

Select Super Soft Materials

The first step is selecting super soft bedding set made from super soft materials that feel amazing against your skin. High-thread count cotton is a popular choice for bedding. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the cotton feels. Aim for cotton with at least a 400 thread count, but 600 or more is ideal for ultra-soft sheets. Supima cotton is an extra long staple cotton known for its softness and durability. For ultimate softness, you may want to consider cotton sateen sheets. Sateen has a silky-smooth finish, perfect for luxurious bedding.

Bamboo and microfiber sheets are also valued for their soft, silk-like feel. Bamboo fibers are naturally soft, smooth and breathable. Microfiber polyester sheets can have a very soft handfeel, sometimes even softer than high-end cotton. Other super soft natural fabric options include linen, silk, cashmere and wool. Do some research to decide which fabrics you find most comfortable against your skin.

Stick to Solid Colors

For a clean, elegant look, opt for solid white bedding. An all-white color scheme creates a light, airy aesthetic for the bedroom. White bedding also gives you a neutral background that allows for adding pops of color through accent pillows and throws.

Crisp white cotton evokes a luxury hotel vibe. White bedding easily complements any style of decor from modern and minimalist to traditional. It works beautifully with both light and dark colored furniture and walls. Plus, white linens are easy to keep clean and bright. Stick to solid white instead of patterns or prints for the most classic, upscale look.

Choose the Right Size Bedding

Pay close attention to bedding dimensions so you buy the correct size to fit your mattress properly. For a standard luxury king bedding set mattress, you’ll want king size sheets that measure 76″ x 80″. King size comforters and duvet covers typically measure 106″ x 92″. King size beds call for king size pillowcases measuring around 20″ x 40″.

Buying bedding sets where all the pieces match and are sized correctly makes outfitting your bed a breeze. You can find bedding sets that include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, comforter, duvet cover, pillowcases and sometimes shams or decorative pillows. Purchasing separates allows for more customization and mixing and matching, but bedding sets provide a perfectly coordinated look in one convenient package.

Select the Right Materials and Construction

Pay attention to the materials and construction quality when shopping for bedding to ensure durability. High-end cotton sheets get better with age, becoming even softer over time. Look for cotton with long-staple fibers and single ply construction for strength and longevity.

Well-made fitted sheets should have adequate elastic all the way around to fit snugly over the mattress. Examine seams and hems to check for quality stitching and double-needle stitching on hemmed edges. With comforters and duvets, a baffle-box design keeps the filling evenly distributed. Check the thread count on the shell as well as the fill weight. Down alternative filled duvets offer the warmth of down with the hypoallergenic properties of synthetic fibers.

Ultimately, choose luxuriously soft bedding made from natural fabrics that feel perfect to you. Try out bedding in stores when possible to evaluate the softness and quality. With high-end sheets and bedding sets in the right sizes, you’ll be catching your zzz’s in comfort and style.