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How To Choose The Perfect Children’s Bedding Set

Aug 2, 2023 | Company News, News

Setting up a comfortable and inviting bedroom for your child starts with the perfect bedding set. From toddler years through elementary school, bedding can have a huge impact on your child’s sleep and imagination. Here are tips to help you choose bedding sets that will delight and inspire your child for years.

cartoon bedding set


Themed bedding sets centered around character, animal or object interests are popular for children. Consider your child’s favorite television shows, movies, books or toys when choosing a theme. There are bedding sets featuring a huge range of themes including:

  • Cartoon bedding set characters like Mickey mouse, Winnie the pooh, Dora the explorer and Peppa pig
  • Animals like sheep bedding set, rabbit bedding set, monkeys, pandas, horses and elephants
  • Vehicles like cars, trains, airplanes and firetrucks
  • Princesses, superheroes and fairies

Some children may want a gender-neutral set without a specific theme. For toddlers especially, solid colors work well.


Bedding materials vary based on age and care needs. As children get older, you can transition from easy-care synthetics to more natural options.

For toddlers up to age 5, look for:

  • Microfiber and other synthetic materials that are affordable, lightweight, durable and machine washable
  • Scratch-resistant patterns that hold up to frequent machine washing

For children ages 6 to 12:

  • Cotton sets that are soft, breathable and comfortable
  • Linen and hemp options with charming prints suitable for children who make less mess

Choosing A Safe Material

Safety should be a high priority when selecting bedding for young children. Look for materials that are:

  • Flame resistant – Synthetic blends often meet this requirement.
  • Lead-free – Avoid dyes and inks with heavy metals.
  • Hypoallergenic – Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo often cause fewer allergies.
  • Mildew resistant – This helps items last longer.
  • Latex-free – Avoid potential allergens.

Set Size

Common bedding set sizes for children include:

  • Crib
  • Toddler (39 x 29 inches)
  • Twin (38 x 75 inches)
  • Full (53 x 75 inches)
  • Queen (60 x 80 inches)

If you’re unsure what size your child needs, measure their mattress to be sure the sheets and covers will fit comfortably with room for tucking in. Consider infant-specific crib bedding, toddler bedding, then school age twin or full sets as your child grows.


Sleep masks and sound machines can help children relax at night. If your child prefers stuffed animals in bed, bedding sets with corresponding animal themes let toys “match” their space. Canopies over toddler and twin beds add an element of fun and privacy.

Overall, choose children’s bedding that matches your child’s interests while considering safety, care requirements and grow-with-me options. A fun, comfortable sleep space sets the stage for restful nights and happy mornings, fueling the imagination and development of your little one for years to come.