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BAIHAO has become a prominent provider of high-end bedding since launching in 2006. The company started by manufacturing one brand but has since expanded its product range to include various sheets, comforters, pillows and mattress pads. BAIHAO sells these through retailers, online stores and different marketplaces.

Totally Difference Between Throws And Throw Blankets

The main distinction between Throws Blanket and blankets is their purpose. Blankets are primarily meant to keep you warm in bed and sit atop other bedding layers. Their primary function is warmth.

Throws on the other hand, are a subset of blankets. Their purposes is more decorative – providing instant coziness for relaxing on the couch or accenting furniture. Though throws can provide some warmth, comfort and aesthetic is their primary role.

BAIHAO May Provide Affordable Throws Blanket

Grey and white throw blanket represent an important export product for the company, especially in foreign markets. BAIHAO blankets are available worldwide through the company’s global distribution network. The company’s success in the international bedding industry demonstrates its ability to adapt, innovate and provide quality products customers love.

How Throw Blankets Made Of ? – BAIHAO Tell You

Green wool throw blanket are a fantastic option because wool is naturally warm, cozy, breathable and durable when properly cared for.

Cashmere throws provide a luxurious alternative with few fabrics able to match cashmere’s softness and warmth. However, cashmere requires special care due to its higher cost.

Synthetic materials like polyester fleece offer good value. Fleece throws are fuzzy, smooth and warm but less breathable due to their tight weave, making them ideal for colder conditions.

Black sherpa throw blanket are another great synthetic option. Sherpa is durable, comfortable, easy to care for and generally affordable. Sherpa’s dense weave traps body heat well while still allowing some breathability.

The Benefits Of A Throw Blanket

  • Throw blankets come in an endless variety of fabrics, colors, patterns and designs.
  • Throw blankets serve multiple purposes beyond simply keeping you warm. They can double as pillows, protect furniture or be bundled up as a makeshift seat cushion.
  • While decorative, throw blankets still provide warmth and comfort any time of year. They make cozy accents for sofas, chairs and beds.
  • Waterproof outdoor throw blanket are easily transported, making them perfect for picnics, camping trips or movie nights. Their compact size means they can quickly improve any seating arrangement.