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Hotel Bedding Set

A hotel bedding set provides guests with a comfortable and inviting sleep experience during their stay. The bedding serves as the first impression of quality and luxury upon entering the guest room. First-class hotels invest in high-end hotel bedding sets that exude style, elegance and timeless sophistication.

Thread Count Of Hotel Sheets

The thread count refers to the number of threads present in a square inch of fabric, and is particularly relevant for cotton fabrics, which are commonly used in hotel sheets. Opting for the appropriate thread count is important, with a higher count being generally preferable, but only up to a certain point.

For luxury hotel bedding set that are soft, durable, and breathable, a thread count of around 300 to 500 is considered ideal. Lower thread counts can feel rough and wear out quickly. While it is possible to find thread counts higher than this (exceeding 1,000), such claims are often just marketing ploys and do not result in any added softness or durability.

The reason for hotel collection bedding set is that it is impossible to fit 1,000 high-quality threads into a single square inch of fabric. Instead, some companies use multiple thin and weak threads to artificially increase the thread count as much as possible. Though the thread count might technically be higher, the quality of the threads used is low, making it a poor investment. To determine if sheets contain low-quality threads, one can check if the thread count is excessively high while the sheets are still inexpensive.

BAIHAO, A Well-known Hotel Bedding Sheet Manufacturer

BAIHAO has established itself as a leading provider of luxury comforter bedding set since 2006. Initially a manufacturer of a single brand, the company has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of sheets, comforters, pillows, and mattress pads, which are sold through various retail outlets and online platforms. Additionally, the company’s hotel bedding sheets are a crucial export product in overseas markets.

Types Of Hotel Sheets Provided By BAIHAO

  1. Egyptian cotton sheets are a popular choice due to their luxurious softness, lightness, and excellent breathability.
  2. Supima cotton is a type of extra-long-staple cotton grown exclusively in the United States. It is favored in the hospitality industry for its durability, smooth texture, and ability to retain color over time.
  3. Cotton percale is a weave style that creates a tight, flat weave with a matte finish by alternating over-and-under weaves.
  4. sateen bedding set is a specific thread pattern of cotton, featuring a one-up and four-over weave. Hotels typically avoid using silk or satin sheets because they are delicate, costly, and can trigger allergies.
  5. Linen is the only non-cotton material commonly used for hotel sheets. It is derived from the flax plant and is environmentally friendly due to its low water and energy consumption during production.