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Luxurious Yet Functional – Investing In High Quality Cotton Bath Towels

Aug 7, 2023 | News, Trade News

After a relaxing shower or bath, it’s bliss to be able to wrap up in a soft, plush cotton bath towel. However, most standard thin cotton bath towels can feel rough against the skin. Typical cotton towels are also bulky and don’t absorb water efficiently. Upgrade your bathing experience with ultra-soft, lightweight, and highly absorbent cotton towels. Read on to learn what to look for when shopping for luxury quality cotton bath towels.

thin cotton bath towels

Seek Out Extra-Long Staple Cotton

For exceptionally soft, smooth towels, look for those made from extra-long staple cotton. This high grade cotton has fibers measuring over 1 1/4 inches in length. Long staple cotton is smoother, stronger, and more lustrous than common short staple cotton. The longer cotton fibers produce a thinner, yet more durable yarn. This leads to towels that are soft, strong, and resistant to pilling. Brands like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Supima cotton indicate extra-long staple cotton.

Opt For A Low Twist Count

The twist count of the cotton yarn also affects the feel and absorbency of towels. Yarn twist refers to the number of turns per inch applied while spinning the yarn. The higher the twist count, the thicker and rougher the yarn becomes. For ultra-soft towels, look for a zero or low twist cotton yarn. This untwisted yarn structure results in a very fine, smooth surface and maximum water absorption. Zero twist towels feel remarkably soft against bare skin after a shower.

Choose A Lightweight Construction

Many bath towels are thick and heavy, which helps them feel plush and hold up over time. However, lightweight towels can still be soft, absorbent and quick drying. The trick is choosing high quality long staple cotton woven into a fine construction. With lightweight towels, the goal is maximum surface area for water absorption. Thinner towels with low density provide more surface area to efficiently wick away moisture.

Try holding up a bath sheet to the light and making sure you can see light shining through. Sheer, gauzy towels are more delicate but provide that supremely soft feel against wet skin. Lightweight towels are also great for travel since they take up less room in a suitcase. Just take care in laundering to prevent tearing.

Pay Attention To Thread Count

Thread count indicates the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. When it comes to towels, aim for a high thread count between 600-900. A higher thread count increases the density of the weave for enhanced softness and durability. However, be wary of numbers above 900, as excessive handling can weaken fibers. With zero twist towels, the quality of the cotton itself is most important for achieving that signature smooth, plush feel.

Consider Alternate Fabrics Like Bamboo

While long staple cotton reigns supreme for softness, towels made from bamboo and microfiber can also feel soothing against wet skin. Just like cotton, bamboo can be woven into ultra-fine yarn for thin, delicate towels. Bamboo absorbs moisture well and has natural antibacterial properties. For ultra-fast drying, microfiber towels are extremely thin and light. Just keep in mind microfiber doesn’t feel as plush as cotton.

Choose The Right Size & Weight

Look for generously sized bath sheets and bath towels to wrap yourself up in spa-like luxury at home. For two people, aim for 2-4 bath sheets, 4-6 bath towels, and 2-4 hand towels. Also pay attention to the weight specifications, measured in grams per square meter or GSM. For bath sheets, look for 600-900 GSM, while 350-600 GSM is ideal for bath towels. Heavier weight towels are more durable and absorbent.

By investing in high quality extra-long staple cotton towels with low twist yarn construction, you can enjoy soft, lightweight, absorbent towels. Treat yourself to little luxuries like ultra-smooth zero twist cotton towels to elevate your bathing routine.