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OEM Cheap Cute Hand Towel Set Hand Free Paper Towel

Soft and comfortable to use
Absorbent and quick-drying
Hypoallergenic and gentle on skin
Durable and long-lasting
Resistant to wear and tear
Easy to clean and maintain
Available in a variety of sizes and colors
Versatile for use in various settings (e.g. home, gym, spa, hotel)
Lightweight and easy to carry
Affordable and cost-effective


Product Description

Cotton is the most absorbent and quick-drying. Its natural advantage is that its water absorption capacity is 6 times that of ordinary towels. It is natural, antibacterial, soft, fluffy, super absorbent, natural and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo charcoal fiber natural care towel/bath towel is on sale simultaneously.
Double-faced velvet is softer and weaker, so as to bid farewell to the trouble of hair loss.
Create a preferred bamboo charcoal fiber, which is strong in water absorption and softer.
Washing care is a healthy life. YEATION suggests changing the towel every three months and changing the bath towel every six months, which is beneficial to care and maintain the health of the skin. ② It is normal to use it for the first time, so please feel free to use it. ③ Do not bleach, the detergent should not contain bleaching ingredients, so as not to harm the skin, and avoid the fading of colored towels. In order to keep the colors bright, please avoid exposure to the sun. It is best to hang it in a cool place and keep it ventilated and dry to prevent spots or breed all kinds of bacteria.

Why choose us:

State-of-the-art equipment for efficient production
Experienced and skilled workforce
Access to high-quality raw materials
Advanced technology for quality control and testing
Customization options to meet specific customer needs
Strong relationships with suppliers and distributors
Ability to produce towels in large quantities
Ability to meet tight deadlines and respond to changing customer demands
Continuous investment in research and development
Comprehensive knowledge of towel production techniques

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