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Sofa Blanket Knitted Blanket Office Nap Blanket


Product Description

Cost-effective knitted blankets:

Knitted blankets are relatively cost-effective. Knitted blankets are usually made from natural or synthetic fibers, which are relatively inexpensive, so knitted blankets are often more affordable than other types of blankets.

In addition, knitted blankets are also better at insulating and can provide extra warmth in winter. The fabric of knitted blankets is usually soft and comfortable, has a good hand feel, and has a long service life, so it can be used as a long-term home decoration.

All in all, knitted blankets are relatively cost-effective because they are affordable, keep warm, feel comfortable, and last a long time. If you’re looking for an affordable yet comfortable blanket, knitted blankets are a great choice.
We support both ODM and ODM

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to the original equipment manufacturer, that is, commissioned by other companies to produce their own products, and then sell them under their own brands. OEM manufacturers produce and process according to customers’ requirements and specifications, and sell according to customers’ brands, packaging and logos. OEM manufacturers usually only provide product manufacturing and processing services, not involving product design and development.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) refers to the original design manufacturer, that is, entrusted by other companies to design, develop and produce their own products. ODM manufacturers usually have independent research and development and design capabilities, and can design, develop and produce products according to customer requirements and market demand, and sell them according to customer requirements.

Therefore, the difference between OEM and ODM is that OEM manufacturers only provide production and processing services, while ODM manufacturers provide product design, research and development and production services.

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