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Cozy Up with Trendy Throw Blankets for Every Area of Your Home

Aug 5, 2023 | Company News, News

When it comes to home accents that make a stylish statement while also providing function and comfort, throw blankets check all the boxes. These cozy blankets are the ideal piece for adding eye-catching style to any room. From modern black and white throws to waterproof outdoor options, throw blankets are a versatile home accessory. Read on to learn more about on-trend throw blankets that will elevate both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

waterproof outdoor throw blanket

Chic Black and White Throw Blankets

Nothing looks more classic and elegant than a black and white color palette. Monochromatic throw blankets in this color combo instantly add a modern, sophisticated touch to both contemporary and traditional decor. Here’s an overview of the many benefits of modern black and white throw blanket:

Timeless Style: A black and white throw blanket complements any style from farmhouse to mid-century modern with its versatile, timeless aesthetic. The colors suit any room.

Statement Piece: With bold contrasting colors, a black and white throw makes a gorgeous focal point when draped on a sofa, armchair or bed.

Easy to Layer: The neutral two-tone colorway makes a black and white throw blanket simple to layer into a space with other pillows and accessories.

Available Designs: From graphic patterns to subtle textures, black and white throw blankets are available in a range of eye-catching styles. Choose one that aligns with your design sensibilities.

When decorating with black and white throw blankets, feel free to play with incorporating in pops of color by layering vibrant pillows or an area rug into the space.

Waterproof Outdoor Throw Blankets

For enjoying breezy evenings outside on the patio or packing for a weekend picnic at the park, a waterproof outdoor throw blanket is an essential item. Water-resistant outdoor blankets allow you to create a comfortable seating area anywhere outdoors while protecting the blanket from getting wet. Here’s what to look for in a quality waterproof outdoor throw:

Durable Materials: Polyester or microfiber blends work best for waterproofing. The synthetic fabrics are inherently water-repellent.

Moisture Protection: Look for blankets marketed as water resistant, water repellent, or waterproof. This ensures moisture beads up on top of the fabric.

Quick Drying: Even waterproof blankets can get wet. Choose one made of fabric that will dry quickly so it’s ready to use again after getting packed up damp.

Lightweight: For outdoor use, pick a lightweight throw blanket that’s easy to transport and won’t weigh you down.

Stylish Prints: Outdoor throws come in fun, lively prints and patterns that suit the outdoorsy aesthetic. Select your favorite.

With a waterproof outdoor throw blanket on hand, you’re prepared for spur-of-the-moment picnics at any time.

Cozy Christmas Green Throw Blankets

When the holiday season is in full swing, adding some festive throw blankets to your home decor is a must. Specifically, Christmas green throws instantly evoke the colors of the season. Here’s what makes green throw blankets a perfect Christmas accent:

Symbolic Color: The vibrant green represents evergreen trees and foliage and brings the colors of nature indoors.

Festive and Fun: Available in shades like emerald, forest, and lime, green throws add playful, cheery pops of color to holiday decor.

Layers Well: Christmas green throws complement traditional red and green palettes. Layer them with other yuletide accents.

Patterned Options: From fair isle knits to Nordic prints, many Christmas green throws feature patterns that highlight the seasonal colors.

Cozy for Curling Up: Soft, plush green throw blankets are perfect for getting comfy while enjoying festive movies and quality time with family.

For a quick and easy way to infuse more holiday spirit into a room, drape a Christmas green throw blanket over your sofa or armchair. It makes a bright, inviting statement.

Accent Your Space Beautifully with Trendy Throw Blankets

Upgrade any room with a stylishly designed throw blanket that suits your personal taste. From elegant black and white throws to festive Christmas green blankets, you’re sure to find a trendy throw to make a fashionable statement in your home. With the wide variety of options available today, you can easily change up your decor from season to season with brand new throw blankets. Accent your space beautifully with throw blankets that feel as good as they look.