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Bed Sheet Bedding Set For Hotel Bedding Set Fabric

1.Perfectly Sized Pillowcases for Maximum Comfort
2.Great for All Sleeping Positions – Back, Side, or Stomach Sleepers
3.Soft and Smooth Material for a Luxurious Feel
4.High-Quality Stitching for Long-Lasting Durability
5.Perfectly Coordinated Design for a Polished Look
6.Easy to Store and Organize in Closet or Drawer Space
7.Perfect for College Dorm Rooms or First Apartments
8.Reinforced Elastic Corners for Secure Fit on Mattress
9.Perfectly Sized to Fit Standard Mattress Sizes
10.Lightweight Material for Easy Transport and Travel


Product Description

Cotton satin fabric is softer and more waxy. Luxury experience adopts high-count and high-density cotton fabric.

The secret of soft bedding in five-star hotel lies in the high-density 60S yarn and conventional 30S yarn at every night when we hug each other.

Not all white bedding products are called hotel linen. Hotel-grade fabrics and traditional home textile fabrics are different standards from design, material selection and printing and dyeing processing. Besides comfort, hotel-grade fabrics need to combine the needs of hotel users for higher product strength, such as tear strength, which is more washable and durable.

The detailed flash design is meticulous and firm, and the workmanship is exquisite.High count and high density cotton fabric | silky from the inside out

Why choose us:
High-quality products: Bedding companies usually provide high-quality products to ensure that customers can get the best sleep experience.

Diversified product lines: Bedding companies usually provide a variety of types and styles of products to meet the different needs and preferences of customers.

Reliable brand reputation: Some well-known bedding companies have established a reliable brand reputation so that customers can trust their products.

Good customer service: Bedding companies usually provide good customer service to ensure that customers get support and help when purchasing and using products.

Environmental protection and sustainability: Some bedding companies are committed to environmental protection and sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and production methods to reduce the impact on the environment.

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