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Holiday Inn Express Hotel Bedding Set Hotel Linen Bedding Set King Size

1.Perfect for Gifting to Loved Ones
2.Multiple Pieces Included for a Complete Bedding Set
3.Perfect for Both Adults and Children
4.Breathable Material for a Healthy Sleep Environment
5.Great Value for Money Spent
6.Easy to Mix and Match with Other Bedding Accessories
7.Perfect for Guest Rooms or Vacation Homes
8.Elegant and Sophisticated Look for Any Bedroom Decor
9.Machine Washable for Easy Cleaning
10.Hypoallergenic Filling for Maximum Comfort and Safety


Product Description

Soft touch S high count and high density feels silky, comfortable and bright. 02 Oblique weaving technology woven fabric is shiny, washable and durable, and does not fade. Product details are high count and high density/soft and thick/skin-friendly.

Why choose us:
1.Reasonable price: Bedding companies usually offer reasonable prices to ensure that their products are attractive to customers.

2.Convenient purchase methods: Bedding companies usually provide a variety of purchase methods, including online purchase, physical store purchase, etc., to facilitate customers to buy their products.
3.Our products are fashionable in design and meet the aesthetic needs of modern people.
4.We provide a flexible return policy to ensure your satisfaction with our products.
5.We uphold the concept of honesty and quality first and provide you with the best service.

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