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Bedding Set with 4pcs Bedding Duvet Cover And Sheets Set Winter


Product Description

Rabbit velvet is a fabric commonly used to make toys and clothing. Its characteristics include:

Soft and comfortable: The texture of rabbit velvet is soft and comfortable, and the touch is very good.
Warmth performance: Because the fleece of rabbit fleece is long, it can keep warm very well.
Wear resistance: Rabbit velvet has a higher fluff density and has better wear resistance and durability.
Hygroscopicity: Rabbit velvet has good hygroscopicity and can absorb body sweat and discharge it quickly.
Not easy to pill: Compared with other fabrics, rabbit fleece is not easy to pill and fade.

Milk velvet and rabbit velvet are common fabrics, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of milk fleece:

It has good moisture absorption and breathability, and will not make people feel stuffy.
Soft and comfortable, good touch.
Good antistatic performance.
Environmentally friendly and healthy, without harmful substances.
Disadvantages of milk fleece:

The thermal performance is relatively poor, not as good as rabbit down.
Not thick enough, not as good as rabbit down.
Advantages of rabbit fleece:

Good thermal performance, suitable for cold weather.
The fluff density is high and has good wear resistance and durability.
Resistant to pilling and fading.
It has strong plasticity and can be printed, dyed and processed as needed.
Disadvantages of rabbit fleece:

Softness is not as good as milk fleece.
Not breathable enough, easy to make people feel stuffy.
It is not as environmentally friendly and healthy as milk fleece.
Generally speaking, whether to choose milk velvet or rabbit velvet needs to be decided based on specific needs. If you pay attention to breathability, environmental protection and health, you can choose milk velvet; if you need warm and wear-resistant fabrics, you can choose rabbit velvet.

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