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Custom Embroidery Logo Winter Simple Solid Color Bed Sheet Cotton 4 Pieces Bedding Sets


Product Description

Softness: Flannel products are made from a soft and fuzzy fabric that feels great to the touch. This makes them perfect for cozying up on a cold winter night.

Warmth: Flannel is known for its insulating properties, which makes it an ideal material for winter bedding and clothing. It can help keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest temperatures.

Durability: Flannel is a sturdy and durable fabric that can withstand regular use and washing. It is less likely to pill or shrink than other fabrics, which means it can last for a long time with proper care.

Absorbency: Flannel is a highly absorbent fabric that can wick moisture away from the skin. This makes it great for use in towels and other bath products.

Variety: Flannel products come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so there is something to suit every taste and style. From classic plaids to fun prints, flannel can add a cozy touch to any home or wardrobe.

What is flannel?

Flannel is a soft, shaggy fabric usually made of cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers. Its surface has been specially processed to make it fluffy, elastic and warm. Flannel is characterized by soft and comfortable feel, good texture, and good warmth retention. It is suitable for making winter bedding, clothing, and household items. Flannel is often available in a variety of colors and patterns, including classic checks and prints.

Softness: Flannel products are soft to the touch and comfortable to the touch.

Warmth: Flannel products have good thermal performance and are suitable for bedding and clothing in winter.

Hygroscopicity: Flannel has good hygroscopicity and can absorb moisture from the surface of the skin, making people feel more comfortable.

Breathability: Flannel has good breathability, which allows the skin to breathe and reduces sweating.

Abrasion resistance: Flannel products have good abrasion resistance, are not easy to wear and deform, and are durable.

Wrinkle resistance: Flannel products are not prone to wrinkles and do not require frequent ironing.

Bright colors: flannel products have bright colors and various patterns, which can meet the needs of different people.

Easy to clean: Flannel products are easy to clean, and can be cleaned with ordinary detergent and water.

Environmental protection: Flannel products are usually made of environmentally friendly fabrics, which are friendly to the environment.

Multifunctional: Flannel products are not only suitable for bedding and clothing, but also for home decoration, toys and other fields

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