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Winter 100% Polyester Warm Luxury Home Textile 3/ 4 Pieces Velvet Bedding Set// Duvet Cover Pillow Case


Product Description

Comfort: The pure cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, and has good skin-friendly properties, making people feel comfortable and warm.

Breathability: Pure cotton fabric has good breathability, which allows the skin to breathe and reduces sweating.

Hygroscopicity: Pure cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity, which can absorb moisture from the skin surface, making people feel more comfortable.

Durability: Pure cotton fabric has good abrasion resistance, is not easy to wear and deform, and is durable.

Safety: Pure cotton fabric is non-irritating and harmless to the human body, especially suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Easy to clean: Pure cotton fabric is easy to clean, you can use normal detergent and water to wash.

Eco-friendly: Cotton fabric is a natural, renewable material that is friendly to the environment.

Multifunctional: The pure cotton 4-piece set is not only suitable for bedding, but also for home decoration, toys and other fields.

Various styles: The pure cotton 4-piece set is available in various colors and patterns, including simple, retro, pastoral and other styles.

Affordable: Compared with other high-end fabrics, the price of pure cotton 4-piece set is relatively low, which is an economical choice.

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